Friday 28 November 2008

The Run up to Christmas:

Did you know?
Did you know that over 15 Million children die due to hunger every year? That is over 41,000 every day. That is not counting the many adults who are struggling to survive due to lack of food and basic resources.

The BIG Meal:
You can help; this Christmas Mission Internationals 'BIG Meal' is providing a Christmas day meal for children and families in the developing world. For £3.00 per child a meal will be provided on Christmas Day 2008. The meal is not provided after a search through the local rubbish dump or even the basic porridge meal that many poor children receive when some food is available, no, this meal will have some meat and a bottle of Soda included giving those who are fed a special celebration on a very special day.

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Wednesday 19 November 2008

Focus on prayer:

Prayer changes things:

7 days without prayer makes one weak!
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Wednesday 5 November 2008

Nnyanzi on Tour!

A busy schedule awaits:
Pastor Emmy Nnyanzi and his daughter Grace, who operate Parental Care Ministries in Mbarara, Uganda will be beginning a 19 day tour of the UK beginning on the 11th of November 2008. The pair will travel throughout England, Scotland and Wales taking in six centres in a bid to raise the profile of Parental Care Ministries and the Henderson School.
Animism hinders education:
Henderson School serves a very remote and poor community. The resources at hand are limited for Pastor Emmy's Parental Care Ministries. Below wooden classrooms with earth floors are home to an increasing group of children as the team endeavour to convince this animistic community of the value of education for their children.
Bureaucracy makes life difficult at Henderson School:
Building work is going on but due to the lack of resources and capital the progress is extremely slow. New government guidelines in Uganda make it increasingly difficult for schools like this to keep ahead of the ever increasing bureaucracy.

Your help is needed:

Please consider how you can help Parental Care Ministries and Henderson School become firmly established. Please consider a donation towards this worthwhile cause.

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