Monday 21 July 2008

Burundi mission team set to depart:

A hop, skip and a jump!
The Rema Ministries team in Burundi are about to host one of Mission International's summer mission teams. The five strong team will leave Gatwick airport in the UK on Wednesday 23rd July and from there fly to Brussels where they board the long haul flight for their three week trip to Burundi. During their time in Burundi the team will engage in activities prepared in advance by Rema. The team's base will be at the Rema Centre in Bujumbura, Burundi's capital city, and from there travel to various parts of the country. Rema has projects around the country dealing with the issues which affect returning refugees as well as those who remained in Burundi during the time of conflict. HIV/AIDS of course is a huge problem there and so the team will be involved in the support projects designed to generate income for those with HIV/AIDS, in particular women who are now unable to work in the fields and so require a means of raising support to feed their children. Part of Mission International's purpose is also to share the Good news of Jesus wherever we go and so the team will also take part in various church services arranges in the places to which we will travel.

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Thursday 17 July 2008

Maternity Unit required!

Stretchered for 2 days...
Women, in the village of Nyembuye Burundi, who develop complications during child birth currently have to be stretchered by four men for two days to the nearest maternity unit. The village, mostly inhabited by returning refugees, has recently acquired a small medical centre which has improved the lives of the local inhabitants. However those women unfortunate enough to have difficulties during the birth of their child find themselves carried for the 20 miles or so to the nearest help, most don't make it on time. Mission International would like to raise funds for this centre and thus bring about a major change for the benefit of the whole community but in particular expectant mothers.

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Wednesday 16 July 2008

Opportunities Abroad:

Would you like to serve in the developing world?
For some the offer of a chance to serve in the developing world is just what they have been looking for. It may be because they are looking for a new challenge or that retirement has finally come and they want to share their life's skills and experiences with those who would benefit from them. Whatever the reason Mission International may be able to offer an opportunity to serve.

What is available?
There are a number of options for service abroad, from a few weeks as part of a Mission Team up to a year helping develop a Mission International partner project. All opportunities are self funding and require committed people with a live Christian faith.

Administrator Star School Rwanda:
Currently the Star School in Rwanda is seeking the services of an experienced administrator. The right person will firstly have a love for children and the administrative skills to support the staff in the new and rapidly developing school. It is hoped that the position will be for a minimum of six months and a maximum of two years, where the candidate would have the opportunity to train other indigenous staff.

The candidate would need to raise the support required to live in Rwanda (in the region of £1000/month) as well as their air fares. If you would like to know more read on.......

More Information:

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Mission International Teams:

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Sunday 13 July 2008

School fundraising giong well!

Menzieshill High School Kids raise money for their Uganda trip:

School pupils from Menzieshill High School in Dundee, about to go on a trip to Uganda in October 2008 with Mission International, have been fundraising relentlessly for over a year. Recently they were pictured here receiving a cheque from a local company who is supporting their trip. Keep a look out for news on how this team get on as they finalise their fundraising and set out on the long journey to Uganda.

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Thursday 10 July 2008

Mission International Information Brochure list:

List of information brochures:
Below is a list of brochures relating to a number of the small projects in which Mission International is involved. The brochures give a little more information on the small projects as well as give the opportunity to donate to them. Please take a look and feel free to use them in any fundraising activities you do for Mission International.

seeds and tools project brochure 1
global citizen support fund brochure - mable nakazibwe
global citizen support fund brochure - francois nitunga
teacher project brochure 1
leprosy child sponsorship brochure 1
fishing project brochure 1
cow project brochure 1
bike project brochure 1
child sponsorship brochure ver 2 .1page
bible-a-month club leaflet
church building fellowship leaflet
mighty meals leaflet
scholastic materials brochure
teams brochure

Monday 7 July 2008

The container is on its way!

Leaving Westhill for Mutimbuzi:
A 40' shipping container filled with materials for the Hope Centre in Burundi left Westhill in Aberdeenshire to make the epic journey to Mutimbuzi on the outskirts of Bujumbura, Burundi at the weekend. To see some some further information click here.

To find further information on the progress of the Hope Centre Burundi see the official website.