Saturday 29 August 2009

Bible Handbooks reach students:

Theology students receive encouragement:
After carrying a consignment of Bible Handbooks to Burundi on a recent mission trip, team members donated the books to the Anglican Bible College students in Matana. The books were given to Mission International by Signpost International after they were found to be surplus to their requirements. The books are a very valuable resource to students who will emerge as ministers in the Anglican church and will help them to provide a service to the church in Burundi.

Mission International, over recent years has provided Bibles for needy church pastors and leaders and is keen to develop this side of the ministry in areas where the written word is scarce.

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Thursday 20 August 2009

A real 'Showstopper'!

Holiday Bible Club raises funds for Hope Centre Burundi!
Members of a Westhill church in Aberdeenshire have raised a total of £102 for the Hope Centre as a result of running a cafe with the club. This is a real encouragement to all of us and show initiative as the group used the opportunity to share what they have with the poor, what better idea for a Bible Club?The hard workers stop for a photo as they use their time skills and initiative to be a blessing to those who are in difficult circumstances.Cafe patrons enjoy the experience in the full knowledge that their support will in turn make a difference in the developing world. Well done everybody!
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Friday 14 August 2009

An old sewing machine gets a new lease of life:

Rema Ministries serves the Burundian people:
Rema Ministries, a local Burundian NGO is continually working to serve the people of Burundi, their work involved the support of those returning refugees currently being repatriated to Burundi after years of exile due to war, in neighbouring countries like DR Congo and Tanzania.

One of the team, Micheline, is seen here delivering an old Singer sewing machine, which arrived in Burundi in a container a few months ago, to a group of ladies who will use it to develop an income generating project supporting those with HIV/AIDS.

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Friday 7 August 2009

Team members support Hope Centre project:

Young Mission Team members make a difference by their commitment:

The three Girls sort through bag loads of gifts carried for the children of the Hope centre and others.

Three of the latest Burundi team, now returned from their trip, have made substantial contributions to the support of the Hope Centre project and to the children supported there. Alison, Amy and Rheagan, three school girls who were part of the team, had raised a considerable amount of support before heading out on the trip to Africa. The three used the funds they had raised in some really significant ways. Firstly they were able to sponsor three of the Hope Centre kids for a year, then they started a goat project by funding the purchase of the first three goats as well as leaving funds to purchase cement for the continuation of the building programme.

Here the girls get involved in team activities presenting stories songs and dramas to the children, ably assisted by their Kirundi translator Berry.

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Thursday 6 August 2009

Monday 3 August 2009

Christians continue to suffer in Pakistan:

News reports continue to arrive:
Mission International has received reports from Mountain of Jesus Ministries in Pakistan to highlight the continued abuses being meted out by extremists in Pakistan against Christian communities.

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