Monday, 21 July 2008

Burundi mission team set to depart:

A hop, skip and a jump!
The Rema Ministries team in Burundi are about to host one of Mission International's summer mission teams. The five strong team will leave Gatwick airport in the UK on Wednesday 23rd July and from there fly to Brussels where they board the long haul flight for their three week trip to Burundi. During their time in Burundi the team will engage in activities prepared in advance by Rema. The team's base will be at the Rema Centre in Bujumbura, Burundi's capital city, and from there travel to various parts of the country. Rema has projects around the country dealing with the issues which affect returning refugees as well as those who remained in Burundi during the time of conflict. HIV/AIDS of course is a huge problem there and so the team will be involved in the support projects designed to generate income for those with HIV/AIDS, in particular women who are now unable to work in the fields and so require a means of raising support to feed their children. Part of Mission International's purpose is also to share the Good news of Jesus wherever we go and so the team will also take part in various church services arranges in the places to which we will travel.

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