Monday, 11 May 2009

Hope Centre houses near completion:

Houses one, two and three are almost there!

Charles and Val Carr and their family, who have spent the last 10 months in Burundi managing the Hope Centre building project will be returning to the UK at the end of May. During their time in Burundi they have managed to build three of the six homes which comprise the Hope Centre in Mutimbuzi, Gatumba, Burundi. Charles and Val have managed to squeeze in a short holiday to Uganda and will now finalise their time in Burundi before making their way back to the UK. Their efforts have been nothing short of remarkable. They have left their home, their friends and their jobs/schools and have travelled to a foreign country, climate and culture and have worked incredibly hard to set up and establish a very worthwhile project and at the same time have kept us all informed of progress and have been involved closely in the fundraising process as well.
At the rear of the homes there is a small porch attached.

The front of the homes shows how beautifully they appear and reveals the extent of the detail and high level of workmanship put into the whole project so far.

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