Friday, 12 June 2009

80 Million for Ronaldo

Ronaldo's big money!
Manchester United's Christiano Ronaldo has just been sold to Real Madrid for a record £80 Million pounds. To try to get a handle on that the media in the UK have been asking what would that buy? How many David Beckhams and so on. I did a quick rekki to discover that £80 Million pounds would sponsor 33,333 children for 10 years at £20/month.

Many Millions of children and adults will die this year due to hunger, disease and as a result of dirty/diseased water. In this time of financial crisis it is an insult to poor families around the world to see a young sportsman like Ronaldo being exchanged such a colossal amount of money, a percentage of which he will 'earn' himself of course for playing football each week.

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