Monday 14 December 2009

Seasons Greetings from Mission International

The message of Christmas:
The work that Mission International carries out amongst the world's poorest people in never so much brought into focus than it is at this time of year.   The Christmas message, of a wonderful Saviour who came to earth to reconcile mankind to God and who called men to follow him in serving the world, is still fully true today.   The support we receive from generous hearted people around the country is welcome here in Mission International's office but so much more welcome to those who receive support in terms of a project, or just a meal on Christmas Day.  (Please visit our various projects from this page to see how God has blessed so many during the year, the blogroll is on the right hand column of this page).

Thank you!
We all, volunteers and recipients alike, want to say a huge thank you to those who have selflessly supported those in need, who have gone on a team or who have prayed for us.   We need you to know that what we do would not have been possible had you not joined with us in this way.

May God bless, you for your kindness, hard work and commitment to the work, we pray that this Christmas will be the best ever for you as you experience the Saviour on the Saviour's Day.

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