Monday 5 April 2010

Resurrection Day 2010

Display a success:
Mission International, along with a number of other local, national and international charities and ministries, set up a display in the Marryatt Hall (adjoining Dundee's Caird Hall) on Easter Sunday.
Craig Laird a Mission International volunteer helps look
after the display at Resurrection Day 2010
Numerous visitors:
From 5pm -6pm visitors to the main event, an united Easter celebration, came to view the dispalys as well as after the main event was over.   Mission International saw over 100 vistors to the display stand where copies of Kabanda's story were presented t each visitor along with other items of literature.   The iterest was inspiring, people wanted to know more.   Some well known firends and many new faces as well were keen to find out abolut teams and projects.   We hope that many will follow up on their visit to our display and we would welcome those who would like to know more and who want to get involved in mission themselves.

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