Friday, 30 May 2008

Raise funds to support work:

"We can help somebody somewhere..."
Mission International is constantly finding new and innovative ways to bring a ray of hope to those whose lives otherwise might be hopeless. The drive to support the growing number of poor is resourced by 'Ambassadors for the Poor' who serve here at home in the UK in all sorts of ways. Of course there are many ways of raising funds and you can become involved in the process of becoming an 'Ambassador for the Poor' by raising some support in your area, no matter where you live. Young and old alike have something they can offer, whether it be their boundless energy or their experience and skills learned over many years. Please consider putting on an event in your area like a coffee morning/sale of work or a sponsored walk or cycle run. Click here to find out more about 'Ambassadors for the Poor'.

The craft skills of this couple were put to good use as they helped raise £800 at a Christmas sale and coffee morning.

Face painting requires little in terms of input but can raise support as well as attract lots of kids along to your event.

At Christmas time in particular people are always looking for that special gift that is a little bit different. There are lots of people who have many skills in your community and who would love to get involved with you to serve in this way.

Not forgetting the small army of cooks, bakers, tea makers and servers who see to it that the throng of shoppers is given sustenance as they shop.

To find out more about ambassadors for the poor click here.

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