Sunday 17 January 2010

News from Haiti:

Good News from Haiti!
Today (Sunday 17th January 2010) we heard news that Pastor Rolex in Haiti is fine and well.   We are now in communication with him to discuss what we can do to help in the process of rebuilding his precious country.   Mission International will be gathering support to help support orphaned children, put in place income generating projects for affected families and to take steps to support those who are in need in all sorts of ways.

Please help us help them!
If you can help in any way it will be so much appreciated by those who are in great need.   The big disaster relief organisations will do their work of dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake but Mission International has also a role to play in the longer term helping in the rebuilding process.   If you can financially support this effort in any way at all please send your support to us using the options on the right hand column of this page.

More News!
We will post further news here when we have it, in the mean time please pray for the people of Haiti, in particular for the churches, many of whom are very poor and dont have the resources to respond to the many who are in need.

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