Monday 25 January 2010

Sponsor a child in Haiti!

Sponsor a child in Haiti:

We have recently received photos of children who require sponsorship in Haiti.   To view the children's photos please visit Mission International's sponsorship site where you will see all of the kids from our projects in various parts of the world who require a sponsor.   You will also see details of other projects which might be of interest.

The Project:
Haiti's capital Port au Prince and the surrounding districts have recently been destroyed by a very powerful earthquake leaving the nation reeling.   As a result there have been many orpahned children adding to the many there before due to previous tropical storms and the like.  Mission International's partners in Haiti, led by pastor Rolex Poisson, is working hard amongst the kind of children we want to help and has requested Mission International to assist with sponsorship and projects in order to help them.

Can you help?
Haiti needs help across the baord.   Mission International is not an aid agency and so cannot intervene in the rescue and clean-up after the earthquake, however we have a role to play in the support of the poor.   With your help we can make sure that children who are in need are given the kind of care and support that will allow them to grow up feeling loved and cared for.

To support the children of Haiti please use the giving options on the right hand column of this page.   Your help no matter how much can make a difference where it matters.

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  1. every human heart must play a role to rekindle life for victims!